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San Nicandro

Located between Lake Lesina and Lake Varano, Sannicandro (whose name derives from Saint Nicandro, a Roman soldier martyred together with his wife for having embraced the Christian faith) is an ancient Lombard village built on a hill that in the past was accessible only by drawbridge. Sannicandro has active olive oil and dairy industries, but its most important resource is the dried flower market.

Sites to visit include the ancient district of Terra Vecchia and the feudal Castle, connected long ago with the Church of Santa Maria del Borgo (Saint Mary of the Village) by subterranean tunnels. Outside the town, visitors can admire some of the most beautiful natural depressions in the Gargano, such as the famous Dolina Pozzatina, which sinks 130 meters and has a circumference of two kilometers. Following a street of rare beauty encircled by mountains and plains rich in olive groves, visitors will arrive at the beautiful beach in Torre Mileto.