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Gargano itinerary by bicycle

Anyone who loves to enjoy nature at a pedaling pace will find a visit to Gargano by mountain bike to be delightful and there are a variety of paths to explore. The best areas for excursions are without a doubt those near the Umbra Forest, between Mattinata, Monte Sant’Angelo, Vico del Gargano, Peschici and Vieste.

For less experienced bikers the town streets are a better bet. While riders with more experience can enjoy mule trails and natural paths created by animals. An example of an itinerary by bicycle recommended by Gargano National Park: from Sfinalicchio to Caritate (length: 53.5 km; difference in height: 789 meters; difficulty: medium-high).

The route follows the border between Vieste and Peschici. It leaves the coast and descends toward national highway 89, passing through striking hills of maquis shrubland and age-old pine forests. After 9 kilometers it enters the Umbra Forest near Caritate and from here goes up toward Sfilzi, skirting the integral natural reserve of the same name. From Sfilzi it continues on to Baracconi, Caserma Murgia, Torre Palermo, Ginestra Superiore and Ginestra Inferiore.