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The Tremiti Islands

10 nautical miles from the coast, opposite Lake Lesina, lies the ultimate paradise of the Italian Adriatic, a small archipelago known as the Tremiti Islands.
Arriving from Gargano or Termoli visitors will find the largest island, San Domino, with San Nicola in front and Caprera to the north, whose name originates from the “capperi” (capers) which are plentiful on the island.

In front of the San Domino marina, and within swimming distance, lies the uninhabited crescent rock Cretaccio, and just a few meters away, another one known as Vecchia. Pianosa Island is located several miles away and is also completely uninhabited with pristine nature.

Completing the small archipelago is Architello, a small isolated rock arch in the form of a swan’s neck, and an immense cave called the Grottone.
These islands attract visitors not only to admire the beauty of their untouched natural settings, but are also a destination for many divers who come to explore their exceptional seabeds.