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Nature itinerary

Between Manfredonia and Margherita di Savoia lies a wetland of national and international interest, an extraordinary ecosystem invaded by migratory birds. A good 46 of the 60 aquatic species that reproduce in Italy are found in the wetlands of Daunia and Frattarolo.

A few kilometers from the mouth of the Candelaro River are the “Palude Frattarolo” nature reserve and the Daunia risi, both of which are part of Gargano National Park. To reach these natural paradises, guests must follow a coastal trail from Manfredonia to Margherita di Savoia at a height of 4 km. They’ll encounter an unused drain pump near “Lido Romagna”. The trail runs for approximately 3.5 km. Structures equipped for bird watching can be found along the way. Two itineraries are suggested for a visit to the wetlands in Lesina and Varano.

The first includes a stop at the Foce Schiapparo and from here continues on foot to the Cà Gravaglione cottage.

The second itinerary, which lasts about three hours, departs from Foce Lauro and reaches the drain pumps of the same name. An abundance of rock dwelling flora live on the marine cliffs, including 58 species of orchids, and the slopes of Aleppo Pine are the largest in the world. In spite of hunting, the fauna here has still flourished. On the natural trails, visitors may encounter Garganic roe, muoflon, Fallow deer, Red deer and wild boar.