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Gastronomic itinerary

The Province of Foggia is a unique land in its aromas and flavors.
 Its products are unique and not only because of their numerous, internationally recognized quality guarantees and certifications. Among the best are the oranges and lemons (and jams) from Vico and Rodi, olive oil and beans from Carpino, black anchovies from Vieste, eel from Lesina Lake, caciocavallo podolico (a true rarity in the dairy sector), goat meat and organic products from various consortia established with the goal of promoting the authenticity of Gargano as a genuine DOC brand. The princely dish on tables in this region is “Pan’ cott ‘d fogghia nmisck” (pancotto with wild herbs). In Vieste the so-called “Ciambot” fish stew triumphs. Any dish can be accompanied by the best mussels au gratin.

A traditional dish in the lake zone is “l’anguilla chi maccarun” (eel with maccheroni pasta). In Monte Sant’Angelo typical recipes include caramelized almonds, chocolate filled wafers, the “mustacciul” (cookies immersed in a glass of chocolate) and classic sugared taralli. Near the Umbra Forest, which is full of hundreds of chestnut trees, there is extensive chestnut cultivation. The area surrounding Rodi and Vico produces citrus-based products such as the “sospiri” (glazed sweets filled with orange jelly) and artisan liquors.