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Gargano itinerary by motorcycle

Every day in spring and summer the streets are invaded by motorcyclists. In fact motorcycle aficionados find everything they could ever desire from a road on the promontory: travel, adventure and thrills. The roads to explore are many, with panoramic routes of particular interest.

The first itinerary leaves from Manfredonia and arrives in Vieste, following the ancient road to Mattinata (SS 89), which doesn’t pass through the tunnel but veers off and heads toward the headland of Gargano. From here riders can choose to remain on the coastal road - which is still fairly busy with traffic - or even better take the interior road that passes through the Umbra forest. For those not interested in going all the way to Vieste, there is an alternative route connecting Mattinata and Monte Sant’Angelo which offers breathtaking panoramas and in recent years has been used for the Gargano Rally. About twenty kilometers of curves and hairpin bends weave through mountains that drop vertically into the sea.

Another spot to visit is Rignano Garganico, if for no other reason than to experience its striking desert rock and high ground that offers the best view of the Tavoliere in the entire province. From SS 16 Foggia-San Severo, turn up toward Rignano at the crossroads. The mountain rises with hairpin bends that are not as narrow as on the previous road, but are wide, forming almost concentric oval circles interspersed with long straight stretches and zigzag curves that lead to the summit.