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Vieste rises in the center of about 30 km of marvelous seafront in eastern Gargano. The city, thanks to its port which is a center of commercial and tourist activities, can be considered the capital of Gargano.
In summer, thanks to its wide array of hotels, campsites and apartment residences, the city fills with tourists from all over Europe who come to admire its caves and bays created by marine erosion.

The medieval village rises on a rocky promontory and contains a dozen or so tiny streets, stairway alleys and white houses built on fragments of rock. In the village we’ll find the Seggio (a building with a sun clock), the church of San Francesco (Saint Francis) and the piazzetta Ripe, where we can catch a glimpse of one of the many Gargano “trabucchi”. The Castle and Cathedral rest on top of the village and 7 kilometers outside the city center we’ll find the Necropolis of Salata, which contains several caves with tombs excavated in the earth and rock walls.