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Coast-to-coast itinerary

Arriving from the north (A-14, Poggio Imperiale exit), we can take the Gargano (SSV) expressway. Alternatively, there is the coastal road that runs from the Lesina marina. From here, we can take the SP 37, return to the SSV of Gargano and follow it until the crossroads for Torre Mileto. The coastal road toward Rodi Garganico begins here.

A stopover in Torre Mileto is a must, if for nothing else than to take in the endless views over the Adriatic Sea and the sunsets that are among the most beautiful in Gargano. Before reaching Rodi, we’ll find the Lido del Sole, a lively collection of residential hotels and holiday villages with crowded beaches, discos and various attractions. A few kilometers further and we find ourselves in Rodi Garganico, the first important tourist spot in northern Gargano, with well-equipped beaches frequented by foreign tourists. From Rodi we’ll follow a small paved road along the beach just a few meters from the water.

With the Gargano railroad on our right and the sea on our left, we’ll follow the central road toward Peschici, passing through San Menaio, a group of houses and hotels encircled in a pine forest. Before and after the “pearl of the Gargano” are the coves of Calenella, the bays of San Nicola, Manacora and Sfinale and the beaches of Zaiana and Calalunga. Along this section of the coast, you can’t miss the “trabucchi”, ancient fishing structures built out of wood and now the home of panoramic restaurants.
 A few kilometers further and you’ll catch a glimpse of the walls of the ancient city of Vieste, our final destination.